Mitch Bayat

In Loving Memory of

July 1, 1957 – January 11, 2018

Mitch Bayat will be remembered as the co-founder, inspiration, and spirit of NetCo Investments, Inc. His patience, sense of compassion, empathy, and fun were truly remarkable. No one spread more love in a life time.

In order to appreciate the man, it’s important to recognize what he did and the impact on those he touched. Fatherhood was his biggest accomplishment which he cherished immensely to the day of his passing. He also lived a life full of business triumphs that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mitch was a true entrepreneur at heart having started a chain of video stores in Los Angeles, CA (remember the Beta and VHS era!), a laundromat in Anaheim, CA, and a Round Table Pizza restaurant in Van Nuys, CA. In the early 1980’s he invested in apartments in Houston and Los Angeles. Later he also took advantage of the Savings & Loan crisis by buying foreclosed residential properties in Los Angeles, fixing them up and then selling. Mitch joined Ray in 1997 at Grubb Ellis representing tenants such as Pacific Bell, 7-Eleven, 99¢ Only Stores, Sylvan Learning Centers, El Torrito, Off Campus Bookstores, and Dollar Tree. Finally, Mitch along with Ray, founded NetCo Investments in 2002 to become the expert in redeveloping shopping centers and to this day this laser like focus of the company remains. Mitch was instrumental in redeveloping and re-tenanting shopping centers in California, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, and Illinois. His all-time favorite tenant was Ross Dress for Less – and he negotiated a lease from first draft to execution in 6 weeks!!! That is one accomplishment we will NEVER forget nor can we envision any one replicating! Mitch was also very fond of his accomplishment in leasing Chesterfield Square in South Central Los Angeles bringing much needed retailers and services to an extremely underserved community.

A Gentle Soul

Mitch was so loving, such a gentle soul. He truly cared for others and made many life-long friends in whatever industry he was in. He had a knack to make others feel good about themselves and he was a great listener. There are no better words to describe Mitch than those of friends and peers.

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I regularly think of Mitch fondly and will continue to do so. Mitch was a gentleman and, as you say, a gentle man. Most would do well to emulate his warm, humorous, and honest demeanor. I can say that I never heard him speak ill of anyone, even under the most trying circumstances. He was an example to us all. (JF)

Mitch was clearly one of the truly good men that I have had the pleasure of knowing in my life. His kindness, honesty and integrity stood as examples to me of how I have wanted to live my life. (TS)

Mitch was a kind, thoughtful, deeply good man, and a gentleman.  As trying as this business so often is, I genuinely enjoyed working with him and getting to know him over the years, and I really will miss him. (JT)

Mitch made a big difference in my life and I will always be grateful for him and will always remember him in my heart. (JL)

I loved Mitch dearly, I am seeing him, and all of us, laughing in our hotel room right now…..”gentle soul”…so true…so true. (MC)

Was a true friend. I never saw him without a big smile on his face. He will be missed by all. (GP)

We have all lost a wonderful and beautiful human being. (AN).

I’ll remember Mitch as such a good hearted man………..always a smile on his face!!!! (AC)

He was the best, always kind, and making everyone feel comfortable. He was so easy to talk to I will miss him and how he was very approachable to all with that wonderful smile. (RR)

Although I only knew Mitch for a relatively short period of time, he had a big impact on me. He had a gift of being direct and no-BS but also extremely likable at the same time. I recall our negotiations with XXXX. He was able to instantly disarm their notoriously tough deal person at our meeting at the XXXX ICSC. He was able to get some concessions in that lease that I haven’t seen her give to the biggest institutions in our market. (BR)

Mitch was ABSOLUTELY a gentle soul as you describe.  The world has lost a good one. (GR)

He was a wonderful, warm, authentic man and he will be missed. (LL)

He was always so pleasant to talk to and a true professional and gentleman. (CD)

What a wonderful gentle man.  He was one of my all-time favorite people.  (BH)

Mitch made a mark in my heart from our first meeting, like souls with like thoughts in life. (MB)

He was a great guy and I loved him like a brother. When we were all working together on “Chesterfield”, I once introduced him as my twin but we were separated at birth. He grew up on a desert Island and I had to grow up in the City. I was his Danny Devito and he was my Arnold Schwarzenegger. (IB)

I was so lucky to have been able to call him my friend and he will always hold a very special place in my heart. (MS)

A sweeter man I have never met. Enjoying thinking about his smile and laugh.  (LC)

I really enjoyed his company and his apparent zest for life. (BH)

It was a pleasure working with him on real estate transactions. Mitch was one of those “likeable” people who always greeted me with a smile. I will remember that smile and incorporate it in my daily life. (PO)

He was a good man I always enjoyed seeing him through the years (BD)

We will carry the memories of him forever, for he was, to the many who loved him, larger than life with a great spirit and genuine love of others. First and foremost he was truly an astonishing father to two beautiful children. Then he was a loving son and brother. Fiercely loyal, steadfastly honest, authentic, sincere, amazingly trustworthy, and absolutely an upright pure soul – Mitch was truly amazing! We will boldly move forward to ensure his legacy here at NetCo Investments, Inc. and fondly remember him.