I could not be more thrilled to be an investor of NetCo Investments. I have known Ray Bayat for almost 20 years and find him and his team to be some of the most honest, knowledgeable and straight forward people in our real estate space. Since becoming an investor of NetCo’s, I saw very quickly how different NetCo was from their peers, as they are skillful in their business planning of each investment and focused on the execution of that plan and want to deliver outsized returns than originally expected. I was also incredibly impressed with the reporting to investors with their Online Investor Portal, which gave us real time property and tax updates. I look forward to many more deals with NetCo.


- Bryan Ley

I have invested with Ray Bayat and NetCo over the past 10 years or so. Our relationship has always been both professional and extremely successful. From their ability to source and find the best deals available- to their management and supervision of the project- to their ability to dispose of the properties and the right time to maximize the profit- NetCo is a class act! ( I also like their timely accounting and reporting that comes with each property ) I have been in real estate over 35 years- and have successfully managed and flipped many properties. It is a pleasure to work with NetCo and I would highly recommend anyone to get to know them.


- Perry Cooper

WOW!!! Where do I start? To me the whole thing about investing money is do you trust the people that are handling your money? I really don’t care as much about the actual piece of real estate or projected returns as I do the people finding the deals and those operating the business. Do they respond quickly to questions? Do they send you paper work in a timely manner? These guys walk the walk by investing in all of their own deals. I have now invested in three deals with Ray and his team and all have been home runs. It is nice to invest in something and being able to sleep at night not having  to worry how money is doing. A+ work all the way around. Anxiously awaiting the next deal.


- Paul Lajoie

I have been an investor with NetCo Investments Inc since 2012 and have been extremely pleased with not only the return on investments, but also the professionalism and honesty that NetCo Investments Inc provides. Never having invested in commercial real estate prior to NetCo, Ray Bayat and the NetCo team provided detailed information for each investment opportunity and answered several questions. Their prompt attention to questions at any time is very impressive and provides comfort. I am grateful for the opportunities that were extended to my family to expand our personal investments and the successful returns that came over the years. I truly feel that NetCo Investments Inc cares about each investor and they do their very best to achieve the investment goals.


- Ed Yen

As a very active private capital investor, I invest across multiple geographies and multiple sponsors in the real estate and private equity space. Without a doubt, my experience with the NetCo team has been a highlight. Throughout multiple  investments with NetCo, the team has earned my trust and delivered a result that exceeds my expectations. Consistent and timely communications regarding the progress toward goal and challenges that are encountered along the way have been standard. The ease of communication and the accuracy of the information provided by Ray and  the NetCo team are some of the top reasons I’ve continued to enjoy the partnership. I am always anxious to learn about NetCo’s next opportunity!


- Jim Dountas

I have worked with Ray and NetCo Investments for nearly 20 years and without hesitation I recommend others to find ways to work with Ray as well. I invested with NetCo on a project in Los Banos, California, in which Ray sourced a soon to be closing Kmart before it hit the market. Prior to closing, he was able to fully negotiate a new lease with SaveMart and Ross and was well on his way to filling shop space that he added to the total square footage of the project. Apart from the 4 walls, no part of this project was untouched and throughout the process, the communication was thorough and timely and the execution of the business plan was as described. During the project, he was able to acquire an additional pad in the parking lot to add to the overall project returns. The process for joining the investment team was easy, well documented and professional. Follow up reports and tax returns were always on time and delivered without delay through their investor portal, which made the process that much easier. Ray and his team handled all challenges put before them professionally and to the benefit of the investors. The returns were above projections and exceeded all expectations. The project is the most attractive grocery anchored center in all of town. If presented with the opportunity to invest with Ray and the NetCo Investments Team, I would strongly encourage you to do so.


- Mark Denholm

My wife and I have been in the business of working with CRE professionals both in the USA and abroad for over 40 years. We are fortunate to be able to see the intimate workings these companies have with their investors and properties in good times and bad. When the time came for my wife and I to personally invest the clear choice was with Ray and the NetCo Team. From the level of analysis prior to purchasing an investment to the execution of the plan, we knew the NetCo team was the only place we wanted to put our money. Many companies “say” they value the relationship and put the investors interest first, Ray and the NetCo team actually do.


- Mike Polley