Jennifer Lacubtan


Career Summary

Jennifer spent 10+ years  dealing with different customers and resolving different customer complaints, issues, and inquiries. Has strong knowledge and experience in driving customer loyalty and building strong linkages with existing and repeat customers and clients. Also has strong organizational skills and a strong eye for detail. Able to create effective systems and documentation that are critical for the success of any organization or company. Consistently awarded as account supervisor and support of the month at previous company.


Jennifer started working as a nursing attendant in 2012 after graduating from college.  She planned to save while working to take the board exam to practice her nursing career.  However her career interests changed. She had the chance to work as Hotelier for about 2+ years and developed interpersonal skills with different cultures. Then before joining NetCo Investments, Inc. She spent 5+ years as an account supervisor/ team leader in one of the international US-based technical accounts in the call center industry.


Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, from Palawan State University, Philippines.