NetCo Scholarships

Established in 2007, the NetCo Investments Scholarship Program was created to give back to the people living in the communities in which we invest. The goal of the scholarship program is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for outstanding local high school students interested in pursuing a higher education to reach their goal. In each community, NetCo awards a $1,000 scholarship to one local graduating Senior planning on pursuing a degree in Business or related fields. Award recipients are chosen based on his/her GPA, letters of recommendation, essay, and involvement in both community and extra-curricular activities.

NetCo looks forward to keeping in touch with each award recipient. We hope our contribution opens new opportunities for them to succeed in college and beyond.

High School: Barstow High School

City: Barstow, CA

High School: Ontario High School

City: Ontario, CA

High School: Batavia High School

City: Batavia, IL

High School: Ripon High School

City: Ripon, CA

High School: Los Banos High School

City: Las Banos, CA

High School: SH Rider High School

City: Wichita Falls, TX

High School: Success High School

City: Fort Worth, TX

High School: Sherman Thomas Charter High School

City: Madera, CA

High School: Monterey High School

City: Lubbock, TX

High School: Albuquerque High School

City: Albuquerque, NM

High School: Lufkin High School

City: Lufkin, CA

Jeffrey A. Martin

High School: Hanford West High School

City: Hanford, CA

Liset Velasco

High School: Hermiston High School

City: Hermiston, OR



Victoria Romo

High School: Central Valley High School

City: Ceres, CA


Katherine Grandle

High School: Las Cruses High School

City: Las Cruses, CA

Matthew Miller

High School: Arlington High School

City: Arlington, TX

High School:

City: Barstow, CA

High School:

City: Inglewood, CA