Our Core Values

At NetCo Investments, Inc. our core values were arrived at by the TEAM through the EOS Operating System.  These values embody our culture and how we want to live every day.  They are authentic, genuine, true to our business and each TEAM member.  When ALL decisions are based upon our core values, business transactions are easy, fast and consistent.  There is huge value and direct benefit to our tenants, investors, lenders, vendors, consultants and community members when they are interacting with NetCo.  We can leverage these core values to create far more impact, significant profits, and have fun doing it.  We are truly bringing value to individual lives!

Do the Right Thing

We are genuine, honest, trustworthy, fair and have integrity

Continuous Self-Improvement

We have a growth mindset. We support and encourage both personal and professional growth

Team Players Accountable for the Greater Good

We are driven for the success of the team

Mindful of Others

We check our egos at the door, are caring, selfless and willing to listen

We know how to lead and how to support leaders